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ASUS ROG Gladius ergonomic optical FPS Gaming Mouse with programmable buttons

Availability: Out of stock

  • Full Size Gaming Mouse with scroll Wheel
  • USB Connection with Windows and MAC compatible
  • Black with Black scrool Wheel
  • 5 Buttons for Best Gaming Experience

ASUS ROG Gladius ergonomic optical FPS Gaming Mouse with programmable buttons

Product Description

What is Gladius?

ROG Gladius is an optical wired gaming mouse engineered with perfect right-hand ergonomics for first-person shooter (FPS) mastery! Smooth-touch materials stay cool in your hand and high-quality Mayan-patterned rubber secures your grip. With exclusive switch socket design for customizable click resistance, two-level DPI switch, slide-to-press' side switches and a 6400dpi optical sensor that tracks up to 200 inches per second and 50g acceleration, the battlefield is at your mercy. Detach the cable for carrying around lock and load!

Ergonomic design for all grip types

World top pro gamers involved in design stage, back and forth to ensure the best ergonomics! The fine-tuned curves make Gladius the perfect fit for all grip-types

Every detail matters

- 2 slide-to-press' programmable thumb buttons with a specially engineered shape that lets you slide your thumb to trigger a press

- 6 programmable buttons

- The DPI clutch enables instant switching between two sensitivity levels

-Standard speed for everyday gaming

-Extra-low speed for better aiming and accurate sniping

- Solid left and right buttons, purposely separated from the mouse body for exceptional responsiveness

- Specially-designed micro-USB cable prevents the cable dragging on desk

- Scroll wheel with an Alps® encoder for a positive stepped action

- Special steel-grey coating to minimize sweat and stickiness

- Two-sided Mayan-patterned rubber panels ensure the perfect grip

20-million-click durability

Gladius is manufactured with high-quality Omron® mouse switches that are good for at least 20-million presses, so you'll enjoy accurate clicks from buttons that just keep going.We even include two additional Japanese-made Omron switches that offer different click resistance so Gladius responds just the way you desire.

Exclusive easy-swap switch socket

Forget soldering hassles when changing mouse switches, as ROG's exclusive socket design means you pick and fit your perfect click resistance and recoil with one simple push*

Touch-to-detach cable and ROG pouch

Gladius comes with two USB cables. Leave the 2-meter cable on your desk for convenience and carry the 1-meter travel cable to LAN parties or internet cafés it takes just one touch to detach either cable!

Customize your GLADIUS

Gladius has built-in flash memory to store your favorite profile, so it's always by your side. It also features the innovative Armoury software allowing you to create, customize, and store unlimited profiles on your PC!

GLADIUS works perfectly with your mousepad

The Gladius software includes an intelligent surface-calibration tool for pixel-perfect precision. Gladius analyzes and learns the surface characteristics to hone the sensor's accuracy and that means even better in-game responsiveness!



SKU 90MP0081-B0UA00
Model MP0081
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