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ASUS ROG GK2000 RGB Horus Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Red Switch

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  • ASUS Aura RGB backlit keyboard with 16 million colours
  • Anodised brushed aluminum finish
  • Powerful 32-bit processor
  • Customisable macros via an intuitive ROG user interface
  • Durable Cherry MX Red mechanical switches
  • 100% anti-ghosting with N-Key rollover

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ASUS ROG GK2000 RGB Horus Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Red Switch

Product Description

Command the Battlefield

ROG Horus RGB takes its name from a deity - Horus - who is known as the god of war and hunting. Often depicted as a falcon in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, Horus is the perfect name for a gaming keyboard that's designed to deliver the precision and aggression you need to ensure victory.

With a built-in 32-bit microprogrammed control unit (MCU) and 8MB of onboard memory, Horus RGB offers robust performance and an intuitive ROG user interface that allows you to customise macro and function keys to create complex multi-key commands that can be executed with a single keystroke.

The aggressive design of Horus RGB includes intricate aluminum wings and an anodized keyboard plate with a brushed finish. Because it's ASUS Aura-capable, Horus RGB offers more than 16 million colours to choose from, so you can fully customise lighting effects to match your unique gaming style.

Black Anodized Brushed Aluminium Finish

The ROG Horus RGB keyboard features CNC-processed aluminum wings that include a special titanium-effect topcoat. These wings perfectly complement the brushed finish of the anodized keyboard plate, giving Horus RGB a sleek and aggressive look.

Adjustable Ergonomic Palm Rest

ROG Horus RGB features a detachable 47 x 70mm palm rest to ensure comfortable wrist support, so it's perfect for marathon gaming sessions. A two-step adjustable stand allows easy keyboard angle changes.

Horus RGB also offers a detachable stand for your mobile devices. Simply place your device on the left or right top wing for easy viewing.

LED-Backlit Keys with Asus Aura RGB Effects

ROG Horus RGB features ASUS Aura RGB technology, so you can illuminate your LED-backlit keys for better accuracy in low-light gaming environments and personalise your rig with more than 16 million colour options.

Exclusive Gamer-Centric features and Utilities

ROG Horus RGB features a 32-bit microprogrammed control unit (MCU) with 8MB of storage, allowing you to save essential macro functions, lighting controls and profile settings. With the added benefit of having all of your information stored onboard, you can use your Horus RGB with any PC without having to re-map key functions.

Durable Cherry MX Red Mechanical Switches

4mm Key Travel

Mechanical switches and 4mm key travel for tactile, responsive keystrokes


Ergonomic keycaps - ideal for gaming and typing

50m Keystroke

Increased durability with a 50-million-keystroke lifespan

16m colours

ASUS Aura RGB illumination offers more than 16 million colours

Built-in USB Ports for Added Convenient

Two USB ports at the rear of the keyboard enable connections for external flash drives or other peripherals. Built-in audio output ports are included for gaming headsets.



Compatible Brand ASUS
Model ROG Horus GK2000
Brand ASUS
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