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Game Changer

Level up with innovative cooling, incredible visuals and ultra-responsive controls.

  • World-beating 2.96GHz speed -binned Qualcomm® SDM845

  • Innovative GameCool vapor -chamber cooling system

  • Ultrafast 90Hz display with 1ms response time

  • AMOLED screen with HDR visuals

  • Ultra-responsive AirTriggers and advanced haptics

  • Unique-handling design with side-mounted port

A new era of mobile gaming has dawned. An era where you take full control, where every sense is heightened, where every sinew is ready for the fray. With pure ROG gaming DNA at its core, ROGPhone breaks every rule to go where rivals fear to tread. This is a phone built to win: its extreme CPU and graphics performance, advanced GameCool vapor-chamber cooling system, 90Hz AMOLED HDR display with ultrafast 1ms response time, and groundbreaking landscape-mode design with unique side-mounted ports let you focus all your skills on the game, giving you the edge you need for total domination. ROGPhone will change your game — forever.

Engineered for battle

Using a combination of tough, precision-crafted 2.5D- and 3D-curved glass, diamond-cut metal and copper detailing, the IP68 water-resistant ROGPhone combines lightweight agility with an optimum gaming grip for an unrivaled gaming experience. The futuristic design hints at an artifact of an advanced civilization, perhaps not of this world. Enigmatic etched lines surround vital areas like the camera and fingerprint sensor, and subtle laser-cut 0.1mm-deep indentations mark the AirTrigger locations for positive identification. ROGPhone feels instantly good in your hand, ready and waiting for the call of duty.

The ultra-performer

NVIDIA VRWorks™ technology delivers the lowest latency and plug-and-play compatibility with leading VR headsets. Get your head into the VR game with audio, physics, and haptics that let you hear and feel every moment. Strap on your VR headset and let G21 immerse you in expansive gaming worlds.

Play Cool!

A high-end phone running graphics-intense, fast-paced AAA action games can generate a killer amount of heat. As well as being uncomfortable to hold, a hot phone is a slow phone: thermal throttling can bring even the fastest CPU to its knees and turn your battle royale into a freeze-frame wipeout. ROG Phone is built from the ground up to run smoothly even when the action gets frenetic: its exclusive GameCool system features highly efficient 3D vapor-chamber cooling inside, enhanced with a copper heat spreader and carbon cooling pads on the circuit board for maximum cooling performance. There’s also a detachable external AeroActive Cooler for an extra cooling boost when the going gets really tough. With GameCool, hot hands and spoiled games are a thing of the past.

tournament-grade visuals

The ultimate gaming phone deserves the ultimate display — something that the ROG gaming heritage makes us uniquely qualified to deliver. ROGPhone uses an ultrafast AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate and a jaw-dropping 1ms pixel response time for lag-free visuals that are as smooth as silk. With a wide 130% NTSC color gamut, colors are incredibly vivid too, so game worlds look as glorious as they were intended, and HDR visuals with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio reveal hidden details in the shadows.

Gaming comfort, by design

Charging a phone while you're playing is almost guaranteed to hurt your game: standard phone layout makes it impossibly awkward. With ROGPhone, we threw the design book away and started from scratch, optimizing the layout for landscape-mode gaming. The result is a revelation, with an extra side-mounted custom connector that supports direct charging, HDMI output, gigabit LAN and headphones . And when the AeroActive Cooler is deployed, you also get a side-mounted USB-C™ port and 3.5mm headphone jack for unhindered gameplay. The connector's also used for exclusive expansion modules, including the Mobile Desktop Dock and TwinView Shell Dock. With ROGPhone, you can game in total comforting is effortless!

Take control!

In any game, precise control is the key to victory, but the lack of physical buttons on phones means your thumbs have to work overtime. Unless you have a ROGPhone, that is! ROGPhone is designed to give you a more console-like gaming experience, with three unique ultra-sensitive ultrasonic AirTrigger touch sensors.Keys. Two of these ultra-responsive sensors are optimized as left/right triggers at the top of the display for landscape-mode gaming (the third is designed for use in portrait mode), and they're fully programmable to activate any available on-screen action: aiming, firing, inventory selection, steering, navigating — in fact, anything that normally requires a screen tap. With ROGPhone, you gain two extra fingers to control gameplay, giving you the edge over your poor thumb-bound rivals! As AirTriggers Keys use ultrasonic technology, they only need a feather-light touch, too — just 20g compared to rival touch-sensitive buttons controls that need up to 4X the force.

Truly immersive stereo sound

Intense gaming action demands superbly detailed and immersive sound if you're going stay one step ahead of your adversaries. ROGPhone delivers truly incredible and immersive audio, with ultra-powerful front-facing stereo speakers driven by smart amplifiers that maximize volume and minimize distortion. The 24-bit/192KHz audio engine supports Hi-Res Audio files, and there's DTS Headphone:X™ support for theater-quality surround-sound over headphones. Games have never sounded this good.

Game on!

It's easy to get optimum gaming performance on ROGPhone, with the special Game mode. With just a single tap, you can free up all background RAM and dedicate it to games, optimize game-data processing performance, and maximize the efficiency of the AeroActive Cooler. ROGPhone is ready for action!Game mode and Game center

HyperCharge: Fast, safe and cool

Charging time can be critical when you're on a long mission. ROGPhone features HyperCharge , a direct-charge technology that puts the charging circuitry inside the power adapter rather than the phone: this delivers more power (up to 20W) for shorter, safer charge times, and also means ROGPhone stays cooler when it's charging.

Outshine the competition

ROGPhone is the world's first phone with ASUS Aura RGB lighting and Aura Sync, featuring an illuminated rear ROG logo that can display a whole rainbow of lighting schemes: static, breathing, strobing or color cycling. You can trigger lighting effects with phone events such as incoming calls, notifications and more, to give your ROGPhone a unique personality. With Aura Sync, you can even sync lighting effects via Wi-Fi between up to five ROGPhones!

Transcending Reality

The dual-camera system in ROGPhone uses cutting-edge hardware to take your photography to new heights, so you’ll always get the clearest and brightest shots every time, in any conditions. With its highly light-sensitive flagship Sony® IMX363 main camera, 120° wide-angle second rear camera, and a capable front-facing camera, whatever the subject — expansive landscapes, sunny beaches, atmospheric night shots, squad wefies or winning selfies — ROGPhone takes it all in its stride, capturing more of your world. ROGPhone removes the limits on your creativity, so you can concentrate on the subject, not the camera .

Expand Your Mobile Gaming Possibilities

  • Second screen for extending game display, seamless communications or easy live-streaming

  • PC-style setup with monitor, keyboard and mouse for mobile games

  • Enjoy wireless big-screen gameplay with full physical controls — and everyone can watch!

Two screens, one awesome gaming center

With the amazing TwinView DockShell, you can turn two ROGPhones into a powerful dual-screen console for the ultimate gaming and live-streaming experience. It features packs a front-facing quad-speaker system, two extra physical trigger buttons, dual haptic- feedback engine, an enhanced cooling system and a high-capacity 6600mAh extended battery pack. It's an awesome platform for live-streaming creators or squad team play: interact with your audience or team on one screen while playing on the other - the possibilities are endless!

Expand to the max for desktop-style gaming

With Gamevice, ROGPhone morphs into a portable console with a full inventory of physical gaming controls and ultra-low-latency 802.11ad wireless display connectivity. It incorporates packs dual analog joysticks, left and right fire triggers and bumpers, a D-pad, along with A,B,X,Y and L3, R3 buttons . You can game on-the-go, or connect to a compatible wireless display receiver* for big-screen gaming.

Console controls. Wireless display. Bring it on!

With Gamevice, ROGPhone morphs into a portable console with a full inventory of physical gaming controls and ultra-low-latency 802.11ad wireless display connectivity. It incorporates packs dual analog joysticks, left and right fire triggers and bumpers, a D-pad, along with A,B,X,Y and L3, R3 buttons . You can game on-the-go, or connect to a compatible wireless display receiver* for big-screen gaming.