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ASUS Z270-WS Intel Z270 ATX DDR4 Motherboard, Socket LGA1151, USB 3.0, USB 3.1

Availability: Out of stock

  • Chipset Type: Intel Z270 Express
  • Processor Socket: LGA1151 Socket
  • Network Controller: Intel I210-AT / I219LM
  • Network Interfaces: Gigabit Ethernet
  • Audio Codec: Realtek ALCS1220A

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ASUS Z270-WS Intel Z270 ATX DDR4 Motherboard, Socket LGA1151, USB 3.0, USB 3.1

Product Description

Up to 4-way multi-graphic power

The Intel Z270 chipset-based workstation motherboard features on-demand NVIDIA GeForce SLI, NVIDIA Quadro SLI and AMD CrossFireX technology, plus robust troubleshooting features.

Four PCIe 3.0x16 slots enable extreme graphics

ASUS Z270-WS accommodates up to four dual-width graphics cards and supports up to 4-Way NVIDIA GeForce SLI, AMD CrossFireX, and 2-Way NVIDIA Quadro SLI. This makes Z270-WS an excellent choice for designers or other professionals who depend on powerful graphics and performance for tasks such as design and modeling, processing-intensive simulation and 3D-rendering applications - or even for gamers looking for multi-screen gaming and live streaming.

One-click overclocking and cooling

Get performance, efficiency, digital power, fan control, networking and audio tuning - all tailored with just one click. ASUS 5-Way Optimization makes your PC smart. It dynamically optimizes essential aspects of your system based on real-time usage - so you get superb CPU performance, everyday energy savings, ultra-stable digital power, cool and quiet fans, and now networking and audio settings that are tailored to your apps. In short, 5-Way ASUS Optimization ensures that your PC is perfect for gaming, entertainment and productivity. Games and demanding applications run swiftly and smoothly with high-performance, prioritized bandwidth and vivid sound. Fans stay whisper-quiet for everyday computing, and ensure extreme cooling efficiency when gaming. Stutter is eliminated for smooth-running apps, even under heavy loading. Energy-conserving design saves you money.

TurboV Processing Unit

The TurboV Processing Unit offers precise voltage control and advanced monitoring for the CPU and graphic cards, enabling great freedom to adjust CPU frequencies and ratios for optimized performance that fully exploits the potential of your graphics card.

Energy Processing Unit

With the Energy Processing Unit you'll enjoy system-wide power savings. The EPU automatically optimizes power consumption and maximizes savings with Away mode. This creates an extreme energy-saving scenario by shutting down unused I/O controllers and reducing power to the graphics cards while you're away, so your PC consumes miniscule amounts of energy.

Fan Xpert 4

ASUS Z270-WS features comprehensive fan controls, configurable via Fan Xpert 4 and the UEFI BIOS.

Digi+ Power Control

Power control is a vital aspect of motherboard design. Intelligent CPU-power-draw detection with ASUS Digi+ Power Control is a sophisticated technology increasing overclocking potential, enhancing system stability, and improving power efficiency with superior flexibility.

ASUS Pro Clock technology

A base-clock generator allows overclocked base-clock frequencies of up to 425MHz - or beyond. This custom solution works in tandem with the ASUS TPU to enhance voltage and base-clock overclocking control - providing an exciting way to boost performance to extreme heights.

DDR4 overclocking

Third-generation ASUS T-Topology allows memory frequencies that are higher than ever - to 3866MHz and beyond. Refined manufacturing ensures ultra-consistent quality and minimal crosstalk between custom trace paths, so you'll enjoy the thrill of overclocking DDR4 with time-aligned signaling along with superior stability and compatibility.

Dual Intel Gigabit LAN

Don't let slow networking disrupt your workflow. With dual Intel Gigabit Ethernet connectors, Z270-WS keeps your data moving swiftly and efficiently. With both LAN ports teamed you'll benefit from increased bandwidth for more speed, automated load balancing for smoother data flows, and instant failover if anything goes wrong - so access to your files is always fast, efficient and uninterrupted.



Model Z270-WS
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