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ASUS XONAR U3 Mobile Headphone Amp USB Soundcard Piano Black - 90-YAB620B-UAN0BZ

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  • Headphone amplifier
  • Dolby Home theater
  • GX2.5 Audio engine
  • Hi-Fi class audio
  • Hyper Grounding


ASUS XONAR U3 Mobile Headphone Amp USB Soundcard Piano Black - 90-YAB620B-UAN0BZ

Product Description

ASUS : In Search of Incredible

ASUS takes its name from Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology that symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. ASUS embodies the strength, purity, and adventurous spirit of this fantastic creature, and soars to new heights with each new product it creates.

Turn your NB into a personal Hi-Fi center with Xonar U3

Get a BIG UPGRADE from USB audio with Xonar U3's crisp and clear sound for music, movie, gaming and VOIP enjoyment!

Headphone Amplifier

Superb headphones listening experiences

High-performance headphone amplifier with adjustable gain levels driving your headphones/ headsets to it's full-performance stage.

Dolby Home Theater

The best surround sound experiences

The Xonar U3 is a pocket-sized, portable USB audio card with complete support for a wide variety of Dolby Technologies for your Hi-Fi enjoyments.


For realistic 3D audio effects

Enjoy up to 128 different sound effects played simultaneously for a realistic 3D experience!

Hi-Fi class audio

Clean, clear and pure

Xonar exclusive hyper-grounding technology, which works like a watershed to separate audio signals from noise to provide clean and clear sound.

Removable Cover

Attached to the main body which eliminates the possibility of losing the cover.

A handy split ring

Attaches to your key-ring or lanyard for maximum portability.

Blue LED Light

A blue light indicator illuminates when the Xonar U3 is active!

Convenient USB extension cable

Because of space, convenience or décor, sometimes you need a longer USB 2.0 cable.

S/PDIF TOSLINK optical adapter

Ready for you to enjoy digital output right out of the box!



Form Factor External
Model Xonar U3
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